The Election is Over. Are Flames Still Growing Around You?

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President-Elect, Donald Trump expects to be sworn in as the leader of the free world January 20, 2017. He is putting together a transitional government, with many people expressing alarm over the ideological worldview of the people he’s choosing.  If you’ve been following social media, traditional media or even listening to conversations around the dinner table, you’ll know that some are crying foul, accusing him of selecting rich people and white supremacists.

Green Party Presidential nominee, Jill Stein, has spearheaded a recount effort in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin “on constitutional grounds”. The Clinton Campaign is supporting the recount. Stein’s argument for the recount on the CNN broadcast, Sunday, December 4, is that the American people should be able to rely on the integrity and security of their votes. And we cannot ignore the 110,000 plus donors who have contributed funds to ensure the recount and the petition signed by millions asking for a recount.

Are they likely to find a significant amount of voter fraud and get the superior court to overturn the outcome of this well documented divisive presidential election? Highly unlikely in my humble opinion. But Americans take pride in their democratic process. Only Americans can fix the problem if the majority agree that their electoral system has cancerous flaws and that there was significant fraud in the counting in the 2016 Presidential Election.

T There have been massive demonstrations across the country.  Some people still can’t understand how the candidate whose campaign was riddled with insults, sexist and racist remarks, and whose proposed policies included preventing Muslims from entering the US, among a myriad of foibles unbeknownst to political scientists and seasoned politicians, could have won. But he did win by a comfortable margin.

Trump’s campaign understood the power of angst and frustration of the American voter and he sang to that choir. And they sang with him November 8, 2016. They were loud enough for everyone in the far reaches of the earth to hear their voice, even violent extremists hiding in bomb-shelled homes and leaders of countries known to political ‘enemies’ to the United States. The Choir believed in the American dream. They believed that nothing is impossible, that you can achieve anything as long as you never give up.

You see why it is possible for a candidate to tweet his way to the most powerful post in the world; why fear-struck people took to social media venting their feelings and expectations after votes had been tabulated, why a lot of Americans in all walks of life are settling down, putting their knowledge resources together to move their country forward.

The American spirit is alive! Americans never give up. They pursue the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity.

History and Truth are siblings

Only time will tell if Americans made a mistake. I’m reminded that not long ago, Americans elected a Hollywood actor from a small town as the 40th U.S. president. Ronald Reagan went on to serve America and the world for eight years.  Many had complained he had no political experience.   That cowboy, written off by fear mongers, worked with people from the opposite political party and brought results that Americans and pundits outside America respect this country for till this day. Reagan won the Cold War. By the end of his reign, the Soviet Union the communist regime had collapsed and Reagan had succeeded in saving Western capitalism when he publicly called on then Soviet Union President, Mikhail Gorbachev, to open up the barriers that separated the communist East Berlin capitalist West Berlin. The Wall came down, setting the stage for the spread of capitalism that has enhanced globalization. Reagan’s famous words to “Tear down this wall!” broadcast June 12, 1987, still resonate in our psycho-political conscience today.

With Reagan’s persuasion 3 million immigrants obtained US citizenship in 1986 alone; the year Reagan signed a ‘sweeping reform bill into law. They have been giving birth to Americans children some of who’re today doctors, lawyers, teachers, farmers, business men and women, even priests and evangelists spreading Judeo-Christian values all over the world.

No one ever thought it could happen, of course. It did happen. It can happen again. I know  there’s a difference between an actor and a businessman; a businessman and a politician; a negotiator and a diplomat; an employer and administrator.

Whatever side you’re sticking with doesn’t matter at this point—the businessman and actor have one thing in common. They’re seasoned, experienced.

Trump speaks his mind!!!

Only time will judge who cast the right vote this time.  And who will change the direction of this country over the next four or eight years.

The people have spoken.

Let’s look forward and work together. This is our country, our space!!!


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