Eight Ways to Create and Enjoy a Stress Free Time

It is Christmas season, a time when every family gets busy spending. In some cases people outspend themselves. It is a time to put in more hours at work in order to make extra money to meet certain outrageous needs. Teachers are busy grading exams, transportation companies are loading extra packages, IT specialists have overloads, health care workers and law enforcement workers are putting in more time because more accidents have occurred. Everyone is so busy they forget to create personal time.

As we already know, this causes stress. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says 1 of every 3 adults has high blood pressure and only 54% of those have their blood pressure under control. Researchers say that high blood pressure contributes to at least 1000 deaths each day in America.  People die from a stroke, heart attack, chronic heart failure or kidney disease.

Working too much can lead to depression,  loss of sleep and weight gain. It can also cause cardiovascular problems, stress and heavy dependence on drugs, or make you  withdraw from friends or society.

A stress-free time can help you change the way you feel about yourself. It can also help you treat others better. We need to enjoy the things God has given us. We have to create time for ourselves. Let’s begin now. Here are eight ways to de-stress and feel good.

  1. Plan a vacation: Make plans for a vacation even if you don’t yet have the funds. Planning makes you dream and dreaming is a form of exploration. You can have a vacation while living on a shoestring budget. At least start planning the vacation.


  • Decide where you want to go;
  • how long you want to stay;
  • how much money you need;
  • how you will raise or save the money;
  • research the visa requirements.
  • Master the travel tips for the country you want to visit—the level of security, vaccinations needed and when to take them. Countries with high heat indexes require vaccines against polio, malaria, or typhoid fever.

Your local post office, library, chamber of commerce and department of Homeland security websites have details

  1. Take a vacation: Having a vacation gives you memorable experiences. You’d be surprised how fast meeting and interacting with people in another country will improve your life. A meal, an accent, a way of greeting, gestures, things that bring a smile on people’s faces –they are among simple things we often ignore. You’ll be amazed
  1. Create excitement: Just walk around your home; go to corners you’ve not visited for a long time. You may just find something you thought was missing, something that was useful to you.
  1. Call a friend, a friendly place: Just as you like to hear good things about you, so does someone else, especially acquaintances. Call that person you exchanged phone numbers with and share a positive story. Starting a conversation like that can relieve you.
  1. Exercise in moderation: stretching, biking, walking or working out with friends can make exercising fun. You could be chit chatting with a friend while working out. You won’t be thinking about the strenuous activity. In the end, you’ll feel better.
  1. Meditate: Find a quiet place in your mind and give it a rest.  Meditation can restore your calm and inner peace relieving stress and anxiety and therefore, reduce high blood pressure.  This can work even if only practiced 15 minutes a day.
  1. Eat your favorite food: Read the number of calories and reduce the quantity you want to eat. Eating large amounts of food, especially greasy food can bring weariness and make you feel lazy and bored.


  1. Use a quiet place: You can create a haven where you are and enjoy peace. Turn off the television, radio, and phone, anything that’s making sounds. Go to a quiet place, maybe your closet. If you’re in the office close the door, turn off the lights and just sit. It would feel like sitting in the sand at the beach and basking in the sun.

Thank you for reading. If you liked what you read, look to this space for more.



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